Summit Bull Bar

Constant evolution of the ARB bull bar has resulted in many industry firsts and ARB has continually proven itself to be the industry leader when it comes to development, design and innovation.

Continuing this legacy, ARB is proud to release an all new range of ARB bars. Included in the range is the ARB Summit bar, a new steel bull bar, redesigned from the ground up to provide a bolder presence and a higher level of detail for today’s range of larger, more sophisticated 4WDs.


Design & Development

Recognising a shift in modern vehicle design, moving towards a greater level of refinement, detail and on road presence, ARB decided to task its engineering and product management team with revolutionising the current design. Always looking to improve its product range, the engineering team began a long process of research and development to truly understand the customers’ needs and wants. Paying close attention to the unique styling differences emerging from each manufacturer, the project’s foremost objective was to ensure the bull bar complemented the vehicle whilst still providing the unparalleled level of frontal protection for which ARB’s bars are renowned.

By utilising alternative manufacturing processes such as press forming, and incorporating a range of new and practical features, the ARB development team has created a bar with bold, modern look and a level of finish above all others.



The adventurous nature of 4WDing inevitably increases the risk of vehicle damage when off road. A good quality, well engineered bull bar provides substantially improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes and other off road obstacles – a particularly important consideration when travelling in rural and remote areas. The Summit bar’s vehicle specific design, ensures integration with original equipment components, resulting in maximum functionality and strength.

The Summit bar incorporates a durable steel construction and ARB’s acclaimed multi-fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle. Superbly engineered, the bar is air bag compatible with a mounting system that secures to the chassis via high tensile bolts and hardware. The Summit bar also incorporates under bar protection panels on the centre and either side of the bar to ward off water, stones and other road debris. Twin Hi-Lift jack points have been cleverly located below each buffer for optimum strength and reliability, as well as preventing the Hi-Lift jack from interfering with the buffer.



Summit is a modern interpretation of the renowned ARB Deluxe bar, styled to complement modern dual cab and wagon vehicles through a fresh, contemporary design language. Building upon our proven air bar compatible bull bar mounting architecture, the Summit bar incorporates a unique wings and centre pan, wider press formed cover straps, 60.3mm top tubing, two piece polyethylene buffers and redesigned fog light surrounds. This results in the most visually impressive frontal protection system on the market.