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ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer

Our new flagship ‘Elements’ fridge freezer is features a stainless steel body, aluminium latches offering a fully weatherproof exterior.  While designed to withstand 365 days a year mounted on the back of a pick up, the new 60 litre Elements fridge freezer is just as suitable in the back of a wagon, under a dual cab canopy, in the kitchen of the camper or on the deck of your boat.

In addition to its rugged stainless steel and weatherproof exterior, this 4WD, fishing and camping portable fridge freezer features a gas strut assisted lid, which means you no longer need to hold the lid open as you search the fridge.  Wandering hands will be kept at bay with the introduction of a programmable electronic 4-digit pin lock, ensuring temperatures are not changed, drinks are not swiped and power is not switched.

Part no. 10810603K


Stainless steel exterior with ARB embossed

With a body and hinges chiseled from stainless steel, anodised aluminium latches, UV resistant trim and clever, protected placement of electrical connections, the new ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge is capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it. 








Gas/Spring Strut

The new Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer has reinvented the lid with a gas/spring strut mechanism. The new strut that holds the lid open in any position (from closed to upright), enabling for hands free use when reaching for food and drinks.









Touchpad Controls

Temperature control, low voltage cut-out, and now security all at the touch of a button. The Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer’s user friendly touchpad control panel allows full functionality with the lid open, but securely prevents unwanted adjustment or access with its unique user selected locking code.






Whether it’s the contents, or the fridge freezer itself, mounting it in the back of a pick up vehicle or sitting it around the campsite means you need security, and the ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer has plenty. To protect your food and drinks, a unique magnetic lock, activated by the touchpad control panel, prevents unauthorised access or tampering with temperature settings.

For additional security, a padlock recess is built into the exterior and an optional bolt down mounting kit, makes the fridge a permanent fixture in the back of your 4WD.



Elements Weatherproof 60L Fridge Freezer

Elements fridge freezer accordion item 310 x 310px

Elements Weatherproof 60L Fridge Freezer

Features and Specifications

Elements Weatherproof 60L Fridge Freezer Accessories


Elements Weatherproof 60L Fridge Freezer Accessories

Whether it is securing your fridge to your pick up vehicle or boat or seeking easy access to your food and drinks, there is an Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer accessory available to suit your needs.